360˚ Stakeholder Survey

Our CCG has a large number of relationships to manage including its relationship with its member practices.  Relationships include those that:

  • form part of the CCG – member practices and their staff
  • monitor the performance and/delivery of the CCG – NHS England, HealthWatch, elected officials, media
  • monitor the performance of healthcare providers we commission services from – Monitor, Care Quality Commission, NHS Trust Development Authority
  • we work in partnership with – local authorities (county and district), voluntary sector, patient reference groups and other healthcare commissioners such as CCGs and NHS England
  • we represent – patients, carers, families using healthcare everyday and who we are accountable to as a statutory organisation.

The annual 360 stakeholder survey is a key part of ensuring these strong relationships are in place. The survey allows stakeholders to provide feedback on working relationships with CCGs. The feedback is used to help inform the way we manage our relationships and undertake our business.

Each year a survey is sent out on behalf of our Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), to gather the views of our key stakeholders and GP member practices.


Here is the link to the survey results for the past year:   360o Stakeholder Survey Report 2017-18

The CCG has reviewed the feedback from stakeholders to the survey very closely and put together an action plan with colleagues from the other five CCGs in Staffordshire to help us address the concerns and issues raised. The action plan can be found here:   360 Stakeholder Survey Action Plan 2018