Delegated Commissioning

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Delegated commissioning of primary care services

From 1st April 2017, NHS East Staffordshire CCG took further control of the planning, strategic direction, priority setting and decision making around primary care services on behalf of patients. This means that the CCG has taken over the budget and will agree all general medical services contracts with local GP Practices.

The CCG is one of a number CCGs nationally that now has delegated primary care commissioning responsibility;  this is in addition to those CCGs which took on these arrangements in 2015/16 and in 2016/17.

NHS East Staffordshire CCG was already responsible for commissioning the majority of hospital, community and mental health services in the local area. Since April 2015 the CCG had been working under joint commissioning arrangements with NHS England for the management and commissioning of GP contracts.


Benefits of commissioning primary care

The overall benefits of assuming responsibility of delegated commissioning of Primary Care Medical Services will support the delivery of our Local Delivery Plan (LDP) for Primary Care, within the CCG affordability envelope. This will enable the CCG to implement our LDP vision to create a vibrant and innovative general practice which delivers high quality, clinically effective, integrated care based around the needs of the local population.

• To proactively work with individual practices to develop resilience and sustainability
• To have more control, flexibility and influence over how primary care is developed
• To drive up quality of primary care, and improve access to primary medical services
• To develop the foundations for a more sustainable and stable general practice
• The scope for improved system-wide financial management


The CCG has established a Primary Care Commissioning Committee.  This Committee will oversee governance arrangements and make decisions on commissioning and contracting of services from general practices and improvements in quality and practices performance. NHS England will continue to monitor the CCG in how it delivers this and its other responsibilities.

The Committee’s terms of reference are included in the CCG’s Constitution. The Committee will meet regularly to transact its business and members of the public are invited to attend these meetings as observers, but there will be no facility for public questions.