Public Sector Equality Duty

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As a public sector body, East Staffordshire CCG is required under the 2010 Equality Act to make provision for various obligations and legally-mandated duties conferred on us by the Act (known as the "Public Sector Equality Duty" or PSED). These PSED requirements relate to the CCG as an NHS Commissioner, local system leader and as an employer. When deploying our commissioning functions, we are required to promote equality and diversity and tackle health inequalities. Part of these duties relate to the publication of certain strategy documents, including our CCG objectives in this area, along with annual equality and inclusion reports to show how we are performing against those.

Your views on our latest Equality and Inclusion Strategy 2018 - 2021

The six Clinical Commissioning Groups in Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent have been working on compiling a first joint Equality and Inclusion Strategy for the next three years.

Follow the link to read the draft strategy

The CCGs have been seeking feedback on shaping this strategy, from as wide a range of local groups and organisations as possible, both on the strategy itself and also on the four equality objectives which are set out in the strategy. This included seeking feedback from seldom heard groups / protected characteristic groups / inclusion health groups and their representatives.

Your feedback is very valuable as we are committed to working with patients, carers and public including our seldom heard groups, to ensure their voice is considered and acted upon where ever possible.

To help to gather views, a survey was available from 18th September until 21st October 2018. The results from the survey are currently being analysed and a summary report will be published when it is available.

Staffordshire CCGs will also be seeking bespoke feedback from a range of seldom heard / vulnerable groups across Staffordshire including via our Local Equality Advisory Forum or LEAF groups in the north, and the developing group meeting in south / east of Staffordshire.

Accessibility Statement

If you would like to receive material from the Staffordshire 6 CCGs websites or our key publications in another format – such as audio, Clear Information, Easy Read, British Sign Language, interpreter services, large print, or Braille – please contact the general reception number and speak to any member of the administration team -  01782 298002 or use ‘Next Generation Text’ service for deaf and hard of hearing patients, carers and staff.

Staffordshire CCGs want our patients, carers, staff and partner organisations to be able to understand our information in the format that is most accessible to their individual needs. This includes identifying and reasonably removing ‘barriers’ for people accessing our information, services, premises, any employment or engagement opportunitiesThis may involve responding to our anticipatory equality duty to make ‘reasonable adjustments’, from requests received.

This Equality and Inclusion Strategy will also become available on the CCG websites in summarised Easy Read format.

Equality and Inclusion Annual Reports:





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