Proposed relocation of Carlton Group to Outwoods Village

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The Carlton Group Practice, which has sites in Carlton Street and King Street, Burton-on-Trent, is currently working in partnership with East Staffordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Trust (UHDB) to support delivery of a health and community project. The aim is to bring together a range of services and facilities on one site to deliver a bold new model of integrated care, in line with the GP Forward View.  

Due to space restrictions at the existing sites in Carlton Street and King Street, the practice is currently unable to accommodate community services or expand the range of services they offer. Therefore, they are proposing to relocate the two practices to a new primary care centre, provisionally known as the Outwoods Village, where they would be able to provide an integrated service for patients.  

In addition to the benefits of having primary care and community services located on the same site, the new primary care centre has the potential to accommodate future patient demand. A new primary care centre would enable the practice to support an increased list size of up to 22,000 patients.  

Bringing the two practices together would enable a greater availability of appointments and greater access to all general medical services. King Street practice is currently closed in the afternoons each week and patients are required to travel to Carlton Street. There are also limitations to the existing buildings in terms of access. The Carlton Street building only has a stair lift to the first floor and a new building would provide better disabled access.  

The proposed site for the new primary care centre is half a mile from Carlton Street and two and half miles from King Street. Should the proposed move go-ahead, patients would have the choice of whether to stay registered with the practice or re-register with one of the neighbouring practices.  

A digital and printed copy of the survey was available to the public and patients for nine weeks and closed at midnight on Sunday 25 July 2021.

By evaluating the results of participation through public and patient involvement, the CCG(s) can learn lessons and share the analysed themes to help shape the Outwoods development and to also improve future performance. In the  summary of findings document  you can review this project to understand more about what patients said, and what we did as a result of that feedback. 

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