What is the Improving Lives Programme?

East Staffordshire CCG – the organisation led by local GPs and responsible for planning and buying health services for people who live in East Staffordshire – took the decision early in 2014 to focus on helping people to be healthier for longer and helping those people with long-term health conditions to take more control over their own care. This work became what we now call Improving Lives and is focused on supporting the residents across East Staffordshire with long-term health conditions and older people who need extra support. 

The Improving Lives Programme brings together organisations within the health and social care sector including teams in the GP Surgeries, Acute Hospitals, Community Care and other areas. Greater integration will improve the way in which you receive services and may also identify and support any additional needs. At the centre of this is Virgin Care's Care Coordination Centre where a multi-disciplinary team help direct you to the most relevant service, improving your standard of living and the direct care you receive, with the added development of a care plan to support you in the future. With your consent your information will be shared with this team to improve the delivery of your care today, and plan for your future health and social care needs.

For more information about Virgin Care’s services in East Staffordshire, please visit: www.eaststaffsimprovinglives.nhs.uk

Contractual Changes to East Staffordshire CCG’s Improving Lives Contract with Virgin Care

Virgin Care have informed East Staffordshire CCG that they wish to terminate the part of the Improving Lives contract which covers the hospital-based services (including A&E, unplanned hospital admissions and outpatients) and the 111 and out of hours services for East Staffordshire.

The Improving Lives contract which Virgin Care have with East Staffordshire CCG is a Prime Contractor contract and as such Virgin Care do not provide all of the services it covers themselves, but they have sub-contracts with other organisations to provide some of the services.

From May/June 2019 East Staffordshire CCG will enter into contracts for the services terminated by Virgin Care directly with the providers of those services instead of requiring Virgin Care to negotiate sub-contracts for them.

This is a contracting change and will not have any impact on patients. The services will continue to be provided as they are currently.

The safety and quality of services for patients in East Staffordshire remains the CCG’s top priority and all services will continue to be monitored against national standards.

East Staffordshire CCG will continue to work with Virgin Care and all its partners to integrate services and improve health outcomes for local people, in particular for those people with long term conditions and for frail, older people.

25 September 2018