NHS 111 service launches across Staffordshire led by local GPs and nurses from Staffordshire Doctors Urgent Care (SDUC)

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NHS 111 Staffordshire is officially launching on Tuesday 11 March following its phased roll out across Staffordshire with Staffordshire Doctors Urgent Care (SDUC) now at the helm.

The NHS 111 service first transferred to SDUC in October last year with call handlers and clinical advisers from Staffordshire working with partner health organisations to support patients.

Simple steps to help asthma sufferers breathe more easily in cold weather

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ASTHMA sufferers can breathe more easily during the winter months by following a series of simple tips, local leading doctors are advising.

Research by leading charity Asthma UK found around three quarters of the 5.4 million people with the condition in the UK saw their symptoms triggered by the cold air and 90% saying having a cold or flu made their asthma considerably worse.