Put the risk of diabetes into reverse for life not just for Diabetes Prevention Week

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Around 27,500 Staffordshire patients who are at risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes are being urged to make changes to their lifestyle to reverse that risk during Diabetes Prevention Week.

Around six per cent of Staffordshire’s population already has a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes with the number growing year-on-year.

But many of those identified at being at risk of diabetes can take action that could mean they never become diabetic.

The estimated cost to the local NHS of treating diabetes in 2015 was £222 million. This is estimated to rise to £273 million by 2020 if trends go unaddressed, meaning that costs of treating a largely preventable condition are rising by roughly £10 million per year.

General Practice Extended Access Update

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Across England, all Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) are required to put in place arrangements for extended access to general practice (GP) from 1 October 2018. Extended access will allow all patients to have easier and more convenient access to GP services, including appointments in the evening and at weekends.

The six Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent CCGs (the CCGs) have worked together to develop their commissioning approach. In doing so, the CCGs have considered the extended access services required in each of our areas and how they can be delivered. As a result of that work, the CCGs are satisfied that the services required to meet the needs of our local populations are an extension of the services already provided by GP practices during core opening hours. Consequently, the CCGs are also satisfied that only general practice is able to provide those services.

A summary of the feedback received from the patient engagement exercise, including the online survey, can be found here . This feedback is now being used to help shape what the potential models might look like in each area. Once the models have been developed, through engagement with local primary care providers, these will be shared with patients and the public in each area.

The CCGs will also be seeking ongoing feedback from patients and the public on any new models developed to make sure they are meeting the needs of the patient populations.

Visit your pharmacist first if you’re unwell this Easter

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The Easter bank holiday weekend is just around the corner, and the weather forecasters are hinting that Spring is finally on the way. East Staffordshire CCG would like to remind local people that pharmacies are the go-to service for help with common illnesses like coughs and sore throats, and minor emergencies such as rashes and insect bites.