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The Preferred prescribing list for South Staffordshire CCGs, Burton Hospital NHS Foundation Trust & Mid Staffordshire Hospitals Foundation Trust (joint formulary) is a list of the preferred prescribing options across South Staffordshire.

A Formulary Working Group, which is a sub-committee of the Area Prescribing Group, meets bi-monthly. The formulary is currently being updated chapter by chapter on a rolling programme. The review of the formulary includes an evidence-based literature search and takes into account the formularies of local Provider Trusts.

However, applications to add a drug to the formulary can be made at any time via the Acute Trusts Drug and Therapeutics Committee (for applications initiated by Secondary Care), or to the Area Prescribing Group (for applications initiated by Primary care).

The Area Prescribing Group also ensures that the formulary is updated in line with NICE guidelines. The Area prescribing Group meets bi-monthly.

The formulary is published as a web-based document and is hosted by South East Staffordshire and Seisdon Peninsula CCG. This is the link (URL Address) to the NetFormulary, so will automatically be updated with any changes.

East Staffordshire CCG works collaboratively with the other South Staffordshire CCGs in effectively discharging our statutory responsibilities in relation to NICE Technological Appraisal (TA) guidance. This process involves an annual horizon scan to inform the value of a NICE reserve to support in-year implementation. The CCG will fund eligible patients on a ‘Prior Approval’ basis in-year, utilising the reserve. Funding for subsequent years is planned and agreed with Service Providers and reflected in their NHS contracts. Funding for all TAs prior to March 2013 will therefore be included in this year’s contract. Any recent TA guidance will be funded by Prior Approval, subject to NICE eligibility criteria being demonstrated. All newly-published TA guidance is discussed at the Area Prescribing Group (APG), where any variance in predicted and NICE reported costs are considered, along with any issues around implementation. The CCG Prescribing Formulary is then updated following APG discussion.