Business Conduct (C) (ii)


pdf Anti Fraud, Bribery and Corruption Policy

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Anti-Fraud Bribery and Corruption Policy (Jan17).pdf

pdf Budgetary Control Policy (ESCCG)

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East Staffs CCG Budgetary Control Policy (2016).pdf

pdf Cash Treasury Management Policy (ESCCG)

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East Staffs CCG Cash Treasury Management Policy (2016).pdf

pdf Commercial Sponsorship Policy (ESCCG)

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ESCCG Commercial Sponsorship Policy (2016).pdf

pdf Employee Expenses Policy (ESCCG)

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ESCCG Employee Expenses Policy (Nov-15).pdf

pdf Equality and Diversity Policy

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pdf Fire Safety Policy

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Fire Safety Policy (reviewed May-16).pdf

pdf Office Safety Procedure

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Office Safety Procedure (reviewed May-16).pdf

pdf Petty Cash Policy (ESCCG)

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East Staffs CCG Petty Cash Policy (2016).pdf

pdf Policies Policy (ESCCG)

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This document is to provide a CCG-wide, recognised process for the production, agreement, management and monitoring all relevant Policies and Procedures.

pdf Raising Concerns at Work - Whistleblowing Policy

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Raising Concerns at Work - Whistleblowing Policy (May-16 review).pdf

pdf Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy

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FINAL 2017 Safeguarding Children Young People Policy updated 11 04 17.pdf