Publication Scheme

Under the FOI Act, the CCG must provide a Publication Scheme and it follows the template provided by the Information Commissioner's Office. This sets out seven commitments which the CCG makes and seven classes of information it provides.

This section is designed to be a guide to finding the various types of information easily.

Our Publication Scheme covers information routinely published by the CCG, and is reviewed on regular basis.


  1. Who we are and what we do
  2. What we spend and how we spend it
  3. What our priorities are and how we are doing
  4. How we make decisions
  5. Our policies and procedures
  6. Lists and registers
  7. Services we offer

(a) Who we are and what we do

  • Meetings with pharmaceutical companies + other medical suppliers

    The CCG does not routinely meet with pharma reps however we do manage a number of Primary Care Rebate Schemes with certain suppliers for certain products.

    Further information is also available under “How we make decisions” and under Formulary.

(b) What we spend and how we spend it

 (c) What our priorities are and how we are doing

(d) How we make decisions

The CCG's Governing Body oversees most of the major decisions as its main role is to set the strategic direction of the CCG and manage performance. Meetings of East Staffordshire Clinical Commissioning Group’s Governing Body are held in public. Details of forthcoming meetings.

There are a number of ways that patients can support East Staffordshire GPs and the Clinical Commissioning Group to shape local healthcare services that meet the needs of local people, this information can be found in the Get Involved section of this website.

East Staffordshire CCG works collaboratively with the other South Staffordshire CCGs in effectively discharging our statutory responsibilities in relation to NICE Technological Appraisal (TA) guidance. This process involves an annual horizon scan to inform the value of a NICE reserve to support in-year implementation. The CCG will fund eligible patients on a ‘Prior Approval’ basis in-year, utilising the reserve.

Funding for subsequent years is planned and agreed with Service Providers and reflected in their NHS contracts. Funding for all TAs prior to March 2013 will therefore be included in this year’s contract. Any recent TA guidance will be funded by Prior Approval, subject to NICE eligibility criteria being demonstrated. All newly-published TA guidance is discussed at the Area Prescribing Group (APG), where any variance in predicted and NICE reported costs are considered, along with any issues around implementation. The CCG Prescribing Formulary is then updated following APG discussion.

(e) Our policies and procedures

(f) Lists and Registers

(g) Services we offer