pdf Staffordshire CCGs Risk Management Strategy 2019

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Approved Staffordshire CCG Risk Management Strategy_Sep19 (2).pdf

pdf ESCCG 2017/19 Operational Plan

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2017-19 ESCCG Operational Plan (Governing Body version).pdf

pdf Delivering the Forward View in East Satffordshire 2016/17 Annual Plan

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Delivering the Forward View in East Staffordshire_2016-17 Annual Plan.pdf

pdf Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Strategy

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pdf Quality Strategy

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The aim of this Quality Strategy is to outline how we will work to ensure our providers deliver the highest quality healthcare services to people in East Staffordshire and to support the CCG as a newly established commissioning organisation in working towards achieving excellence in commissioning.

pdf Integrated Governance Framework 2015

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This document outlines the East Staffordshire Clinical Commissioning Group's Integrated Governance Framework and Strategic Risk Management Framework.

pdf Information Governance Strategy

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This Strategy sets out the approach to be taken within the CCG to ensure legal and regulatory compliance for the management of information. The Information Governance Strategy cannot be seen in isolation, as information plays a key part in Corporate Governance, strategic risk, Clinical Governance, service planning, informatics, performance and business management. This Strategy therefore is closely linked with other CCG strategies to ensure integration with all aspects of our business activities.

pdf Delivery of Change Plan

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This document sets out East Staffordshire Clinical Commissioning Group’s Clear and Credible Plans for achieving our vision over the next three years and beyond. Being a narrative of our strategy for the future, this Plan sets out where we are now, what outcomes we want to achieve by 2016, and how we plan to achieve them.

pdf East Staffs CCG IMT Project Dossier

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East-Staffs-CCG-IMT-Project-Dossier (1).pdf