Online booking and prescriptions for East Staffordshire GP surgeries

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People registered with a GP surgery can now book appointments and request
repeat prescriptions at a time convenient to them, thanks to GP online services.

These services enable people to book GP appointments and request repeat
prescriptions via their computer, smartphone or tablet at a time that suits them rather
than calling or visiting their surgery.

This approach can save people a phone call or journey to the surgery, and allow
them to do what they need to when the surgery is closed. Patients living with a long
term health condition such as diabetes can also benefit by having a greater
involvement in their healthcare as they can access test results and keep track of their

All patient information is kept securely. A page on the surgery website allows access
to the information patients need. Smartphone and tablet users can also download an
app, which gives users the same access as the website.

This works alongside traditional methods of accessing GP services, it does not
replace them. By allowing people who want to make appointments and order
prescriptions this way, it should become easier for others to get through on the phone
to their surgery during busy periods.

If you want to register for GP online services you will need to fill out a form at your
surgery and show two forms of ID one of which should have a photo (such as a UK
passport or driving licence) and the other should have your address (such as a
council tax bill). If you don’t have photo ID or anything with your address on it, it
doesn’t mean you will not be able to use online services, the staff at your surgery
may be able to help.

To register for GP online services, drop in at your GP surgery, or to find out more
visit the NHS Choices website at

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