How to prevent medicines waste

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Every year in East Staffordshire, around £800,000 of unused medicines are wasted! If this sum can be substantially reduced, the money saved can be used to improve patient care for those living in the area.

How can you help?

When ordering medicines on repeat prescription ……pharmacy banner
  • Check what medicines you have already before re-ordering more on your next repeat prescription.
  • Only tick the medicines you need – if you don’t need a medicine, don’t order it. It will still appear on your re-ordering form next time (unless you have not needed it for 6 months)
  • Do not re-order more medicines unless you have less than four weeks supply left.
  • Always use up your current supply of medicines before opening any new medicine containers.
  • If you need to order any medicines before their due date, please add an explanatory note on the re-ordering form.
  • Never order medicines you no longer use or need. 
  • If you stop taking a medicine for any reason please let your doctor or pharmacy know. 
  • If you are taking a medicine which you believe is not helping your condition – discuss this with your GP.

Let your GP or pharmacy know …..

  • If you receive items in your prescription bag that you have not requested.
  • If you are taking a medicine less often than originally prescribed – the quantity can be adjusted to avoid building up significant amounts.