Memory and Dementia Services

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Dementia is one of the greatest healthcare challenges that the world is facing, with one in three people over the age of 65 developing dementia. 

As a CCG, we are committed to supporting patients and carers with dementia. We recognise that it is essential that we nurture the development of dementia-friendly communities, which recognise and understand dementia; and are able to offer adequate and appropriate services to support patients throughout their dementia journey.

Our dementia pledge is to:

  • Put patients at the centre
  • Ensure continuity of care by building one service for all your care needs
  • Ensure carers are supported throughout their dementia journey
  • Provide care closer to home
  • Work with the voluntary sector and local areas to support patients and carers to engage in their communities in a meaningful way.


Local Focus

Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (MPFT) have specialist Memory Services which provide cognitive and functional assessments for individuals where there are concerns over memory or where there is an established diagnosis of dementia. They also have a Memory and Dementia leaflet available in a number of alternative languages, which can be viewed and downloaded HERE.


Importance of diagnosis

Diagnosing dementia is often difficult, particularly in the early stages. The GP is the first person to consult. The GP may then refer the person being diagnosed to a specialist such as a consultant.

Some of the first signs of Alzheimer's disease include lapses in memory and problems with finding the right words. Other symptoms that may develop include memory problems, mood changes and communication problems.

Even if the diagnosis is dementia, there is lots that can be done after a diagnosis to support someone to live well with the condition.

Alzheimer’s Society offers support to anyone affected by dementia, and do everything possible to keep people with dementia connected to their lives and the people who matter most. If you are concerned please contact your GP.


Keeping a healthy brain

The NHS wants to help keep people healthy. This could lower their chances of getting dementia – symptoms caused by serious brain disease.  Information can be found on the NHS website.

Many people don’t know that what they do every day can help keep a healthy brain. The good news is that it’s never too late to act. An information leaflet, produced in different languages, is available to download offering you tips and advice on keeping healthy. Download the ‘Dementia – keeping your brain healthy’ leaflet from the NHS Health Check website HERE.